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Welcome to Golden West Enterprises, Inc.
Let Us Solve Your Slippery Floor Problems

Our Floor Treatment Provides a Safe, more Productive Workplace for your Employees.
Reduce or Eliminate Costly Customer or Guest Slip-Fall Accidents.
Our company chemically resurfaces tile, concrete, bathtubs, etc.
to a non-slip texture. Enhance floor safety.

Tile We can provide a "High Grip" floor treatment surface in kitchens, deli's, bakeries, food processing facilities, etc.

FOR CONCRETE APPLICATIONS... reducing slip falls to improved traction and floor safety for forklifts. We offer a wide variety of texture finishes. From Health Department approved surfaces in food production areas, to a "sandpaper" like finish in industrial areas, loading docks, etc.

No slip
SLIPPERY DECORATIVE TILE... made safe while still retaining original high appearance level in
Dining Rooms, Lobbies, Swimming Pools, Spa & Health Club Areas, Etc.

All photos shown after treatment

Concrete Floor Safety

See "About Our Company" for more info.

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