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Our Company Specializes in Preventing Slip-Fall Accidents

We have over 20 years experience installing our Non-Slip Floor Treatments and developing Maintenance Products. We have worked with a variety of businesses and industries Nationwide. These include nationally known restaurants, hotels, casinos, etc.

Our process resurfaces tile, concrete, granite and porcelain bathtubs to a non-slip texture.

We use a chemical process that can provide a variety of surface textures. We offer a high grip surface in industrial & production areas, loading docks and kitchens, etc. Places where maximum protection is needed. We also work extensively on all types of decorative tile in areas such as, public dining rooms, lobbies, employee cafeterias, swimming pool and spa areas, etc. There is little or no change to the appearance. Often the appearance level is improved as most stains and build up are removed.

We originated this type of procedure. Our process has an indefinate lifespan.

The process chemically creates micro pores in the surface that increase the co-efficient of friction. We do not apply coatings, so that there is nothing to wear off. Our surfaces are health department approved and have been installed in thousands of locations nationwide. We have a variety of customers that have reported an 80% to 100% reduction in Slip-Fall accidents where they previously had many. Our process improves the effectiveness of safety shoes.

All photos shown after treatment

customer dining spa buffet quarry tile order counter

ECONOMICAL Prices range from $0.75 to $1.25 per square foot. Hotel bathtubs $17.50 to $20.00 per tub.

We can perform. We realize the importance of providing a professional service with little or no disruption to your companies operations. We do not Franchise. All work is done by our trained personnel. All work is done after hours or on slowest shifts with little or no down time. Floors are ready for use immediately. The process does not create any dust, film, or additional "mess" to clean up afterwards. Installation time frame guidelines will be met. From a single facility to the largest chains, we are able to provide consistency and quality coast to coast. Contact us and let us "show" you what we can do.

All photos shown after treatment

dining area ceramic tile polished granite convenience store casino pool
pool tile auto showroom hallway buffet floor restaurant kitchen

With over 20 years experience on most all types of floors and conditions, we believe our products and methods will be your best choice to provide an economical solution to slippery floor caused accidents and problems. We keep in balance the highest level of Safety, Sanitation, Appearance, and Ease of Maintenance. Referrals Available. Thank You.

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