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General Cleaning Instructions

It is important to understand that when "applying a cleaning chemical" to the floor, after it has dissolved the dirt or grease, it is necessary to remove it. The floor must then be RINSED IMMEDIATELY WITH PLAIN HOT WATER. Compare to other common cleaning methods. Clothes washers, dish washers, car washes, and even when washing your hands, all have a WASH then a RINSE cycle. If the soap or cleaner is not rinsed, a light film will remain on the surface and build up each time the floor is cleaned. This can be tacky when dry, attracting dirt, and very slippery when wet. Similar to a bar of soap. Proper cleaning procedures will maintain a higher appearance level and keep floors safe. WE RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING:

restaurant cleaning cleaning process
#1) Pour a generous amount of cleaning solution on floor and spread with a soft bristle push broom.Continue brushing for 5 to 10 minutes. This allows the chemical to break up and dissolve dirt and grease.The soft bristles on the broom will lift material out of the pores in the surface better than a stiff deck brush or mop. #2) Squeegee liquid to floor drains or to a wet vac.Use soft foam rubber type squeegees. Remove as much dirty water and chemical suds as possible.
#3) Rinse broom of all suds and dirt. Pour a generous amount of PLAIN HOT WATER over the area. Spread with the clean push broom. #4) Squeegee rinse water to floor drains or to a wetvac. Keep squeegees in good condition. An old or worn squeegee will leave an excessive amount of liquid on the floor.
#5) Damp mop any remaining liquid with a CLEAN mop and plain hot water in mop bucket.

We do not recommend mopping the floor with a soapy mop and allowing the soap film to dry on the floor. Plain hot water can be used for daily mopping.

Remember "Soap" is slippery !! If it is applied, it needs to be removed then rinsed.

cleaning serviceWet vacs are very useful in areas without floor drains. They are inexpensive and readly available. They are much faster and more efficient than mopping. They will pay for themselves in saved labor. The use of a wet vac will remove close to 100% of the dirt, grease, and chemical residues. Far more than a person with a mop could do in much less time.

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