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Our process was developed on restaurant quarry tile kitchen floors. We can provide a "high grip,deep treatment" in these areas. This offers extra protection to eliminate slip-falls that occur from grease or liquid on the floors. This also increases the effectiveness of safety shoes. Increased productivity is often noticed. Employees are able to move more efficiently.

Prior to installation, floors & grout lines are thoroughly degreased. We provide instructions for easy on going proper maintenance. This is done with step by step instructions using photos of work done in progress in your facilities.

kitchen safety cookline waitress station coffee counter

All photos shown after treatment

floor mats In most cases the need for mats is
reduced or eliminated.

In addition to being costly to maintain,
they also pose a trip hazard.


Often decorative tile in public areas is extremely slippery when wet from spills, rain & snow, or mopping. Our process will create a safe, non-slip texture while retaining the original high appearance level. These are usually "lighter depth" treatments than in the kitchen areas. They will meet or exceed OSHA's recommended slip meter readings.

All photos shown after treatment

slippery tile dining room restaurant floor seating area

Proper maintenance procedures are important on these types of applications. We do not recommend mopping the floor with "Soapy All Purpose Type Cleaners" as they can leave a slippery residue over time. We recommend using an alkaline degreaser followed with a clear hot water rinse. We offer soap film build up remover products and also a cleaning service that an be done on a scheduled basis such as every 6 months or yearly.

arbys tile salad bar customer counter dairy queen

All photos shown after treatment

We specialize in working with chain food service companies. We have worked with the largest nationally known restaurant chains dating back to the mid 1980's.

We are very familiar with scheduling around deliveries, working with security companies, replacing furniture and displays in their original positions, providing maintenance instructions to area and store managers, etc.

We offer on site inspections forms notating items such as : Overall cleanliness, Unusual grease or soap film build up, Plugged drains, Broken tiles, Managers comments on cleaning procedures, etc. Along with before and after photos that can be emailed to corporate.

We are regularly complimented regarding our performance stating that our work was done on time and in a professional manner with little disruption to the stores operations.

During the course of a large multi-unit contract we become very familiar with the most productive cleaning methods for the customers facilities. Also recognizing potential problem areas such as improper types of flooring, better placement of floor drains, etc. This information is passed on to corporate and is beneficial in implementing cleaning procedures, and in planning and building new facilities.


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